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  • How is iDecide Assist different from myiDecide?

    myiDecide is an easy to use drag-n-drop presentation building platform where you can build your own interactive presentations. iDecide Assist is an upgrade where our team of professionals will build your myiDecide presentation for you based on a comprehensive 8 question survey you’ll submit, then add it to your account so you can edit it as you please!

  • How is iDecide Assist different from iDecide Custom?
    Included in the iDecide Assist product is a presentation built by our team of professionals on the myiDecide platform. iDecide Custom is available for our enterprise customers and includes advanced graphics and features that aren’t available in the myiDecide platform. Please visit the Pricing tab to see a feature comparison between products.

  • How does the iDecide team know what to include in my iDecide Assist presentation?
    You will be asked to complete a comprehensive, 8-question survey where you’ll tell our team important features, goals, and outcomes you’d like your presentation to cover. You can upload your logo and any other background images you’d like us to use, and then our team of professionals will write the script and build your presentation for you!

  • Can I edit the iDecide Assist presentation after you build it?
    Yes. Once our team of professionals are done building your presentation it will be added into your myiDecide account for you to review and edit as you see fit!

  • Will my presentation be sending-ready once it’s complete?
    Yes. Your presentation will be added to your account as a complete presentation, including voiceovers! However, we encourage you to review and edit your presentation to embody the look and feel of you and your brand. 

  • How will I get access to my presentation?
    Once our team is done building your presentation it will be added into your myiDecide account in the list of existing presentations. From here, you can edit the presentation as you would any other to make it your own!

  • What if I bought a myiDecide presentation and then want to upgrade? Will I be refunded for the myiDecide purchase?
    If you decide to upgrade to iDecide Assist, your payment from the original myiDecide purchase will be used as credit toward your iDecide Assist presentation.

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